Owners 25th Anniversary

Mike and Donna celebrated our 25th Anniversary by taking their first cruise! They visited Cozumel where we zip-lined into “cenotes” which are fresh water sinkholes. It was much more fun zip-lining in Mexico where you did’t have to wear a helmet and safety vest, like in the USA!

They ate a traditional Mayan meal which was pork and chicken (or was that iguana), rice and beans, and fresh fruit. Delicious! The next dayMike and Donna visited Costa Maya to tour some Mayan ruins. Mike and Donna were told that they have discovered over 300 sites of ruins, mostly still un-excavated! Mike climbed the 100 steps at one ruin, while Donna went around the side and climbed the 13 steps to the same place!

It was sad to see that Costa Maya still has not rebounded much in re-development since a devastating hurricane back in 2007. From the bus, there were many people living in partially ruined shack-type homes, selling pineapples in partial stands along the “highway”.

In Florida, they drove around the Tampa area, including St. Petersburg and Winterhaven where many of our Cornerstone “snowbirds” move to in the winter. It was surprising that these “birds” are comfortable living in the middle of all that goes on in Florida! Mike and Donna had a nice time but lacked appreciation for all the “laying around doing nothing” that comes with a cruise–Mike had no problem with it!