Sugar-Free Dessert?

Sugar-Free Dessert

The number of customers requesting a sugar-free dessert at our restaurant has become a bit more frequent lately. We’ve decided to begin researching what kind of sugar-free desserts people seem to like. There are some made with artificial sweeteners and some with zero or very little sugar in them. Much of what was found, had mixed reviews about satisfaction.

So we are asking these questions to our Cornerstone followers:

  1. Do you want a sugar-free dessert that is made with an artificial sweetener (plus any feedback regarding the use of particular types of sweeteners)?
  2. Do you want something simple like a jello dessert or more involved like a pie or cake?
  3. How often do you choose to eat a dessert at a restaurant when there is a sugar-free choice?

You can respond right here on Facebook or email us from the “Contact Us” page on our website!  You can stop in and personally give your feedback to Donna.  We will take the feedback and make our decision about whether it means a future sugar-free dessert at Cornerstone! Thanks in advance for helping!

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